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Uxbridge, MA Wedding Photography

From time to time, clients will ask me whether I would be willing to travel to photograph a wedding. I'm based in Providence, and most of the weddings I photograph are in Newport, Bristol, Providence, and Narragansett. Occasionally I'll have a wedding in Connecticut, and on a rare occasion, I'll venture into *gasp*... Boston. The fact of the matter is that that travel is relative. I'll photograph weddings right here at Brown University, and I've photographed weddings in Freeport, Maine. Uxbridge isn't all that far away, but it does feel like a bit of a different world. Sarah and Andrew were not looking for an oceanfront setting, but they did want that rustic, New England feel. They also wanted a wedding that was fun, laid-back, scenic, and maybe a little quirky. Blissful Meadows is ideal for that. Rolling green landscapes, antique tractors, and a beautiful barn with a gigantic dancefloor all add to the charm. The weather called for rain on their big day, but then the skies cleared up. We had to contend with some chilly wind, but lots of hot moves on the dancefloor took care of that! The wind also made for some dramatic photos with Sarah's veil floating in the air. Enjoy the photos!

Wedding Photography Uxbridge | Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

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