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Stunning Sunset in Newport

I was photographing Boriana and JJ's wedding, and we were worried: oh no, it's going to rain! Nobody wants rain on their wedding day, but you know, it's not all bad, especially for pictures. Sure, you don't want to be outside standing in the rain, but a few pictures under umbrellas can be cute and also make for some beautiful memories of your unique wedding day. Couples often ask me, "What if the wedding doesn't cooperate?" I usually find that it's not as big of an issue as everyone might expect. Almost every reception is in a tent or indoors, so that's not an issue. Cocktail hours are usually indoor-outdoor, so your guests just need to get a little... friendlier with each other. Most venues will have a plan B available for your ceremony, so they move you indoors if need be. That just leaves the formal portraits of your family, wedding party, and the two of you. I usually suggest moving the family indoors, and we do most of the bridal party indoors. If it clears up, we can get creative and get a few group shots of the bride and groom with the bridesmaids and groomsmen outdoors. Then, we watch the weather like a hawk, and wait for the perfect moment.

At this wedding, we just had about an hour of rain, and it happened during cocktails and the beginning of the reception. The Bohlin was really good about providing a tent and covered locations for the guests to eat, drink, and listen to music in. Also, luckily, Boriana and JJ had planned to do a first look, so we had already knocked out the formal portraits before the rain started.

In any case, if it rains for a bit in the afternoon, and then clears up in the evening, you get a stunning sunset! Beautiful purple skies, with golden beams of sun shining on the blue-black ocean in the Narragansett Bay by Newport. They sailboats and yachts in the marina gleam like they are newly washed. The bride's white dress glows in the evening sun. And everything about the wedding photos just becomes a bit more magical.

Venue: The Bohlin Newport

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