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Small Weddings, Backyard Wedding, Mini-Weddings

2023 is the year of the small wedding. Your parents have a beautiful home with a large backyard. You do a little landscaping, you throw up a tent, you get a keg and a few bottles, you set up a sound system, your mom knows a caterer, your brother can officiate, and BOOM, you have a wedding! Call it what you want--the cocktail wedding, the mini-wedding, the tent wedding, the backyard wedding. It's YOUR wedding. It's totally unique, and totally you. You just invite your closest family and your best friends.

You still need pictures though. And BELIEVE ME, you do NOT want your friends taking iPhone pictures, and you DEFINITELY do not want your "aunt who has a really nice camera" to be your wedding photographer. You want great pictures that you are going to look at forever. But you also don't want to spend thousands on wedding photos. What you want is 2-4 hours of wedding photography coverage.

What does that get you? Two hours will cover your ceremony and formal portraits. Three hours will also get you candids of your guests sharing a laugh, a drink, and having a party, and a little dancing too! A fourth hour will also get some pictures of you getting ready beforehand.

Pricing for a cocktail-hour style wedding starts at $800. I know! That's totally within your budget for pictures that will last a lifetime! Email me at if you want to chat about it.

Backyard Wedding Photography | Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

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