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Providence Wedding Photography - NYLO, Warwick

Continuing my spotlight on Providence wedding venues, and venues in the surrounding area, I wanted to highlight NYLO in Warwick, just up the road from the Crowne Plaza and Aldrich Mansion. NYLO is a cool boutique hotel, so you get a similar intimate feel like the Hotel Providence, or the Hotel Viking, but it's in a vintage converted mill building, which gives it a unique and trendy urban industrial vibe. It's also part of the Hilton family, so the customer service is unparalleled.

Nicole and Eric got married at the Roger Williams Botanical Center, but they met at NYLO, and they often visit the bar and lounge on Saturday evenings, so they figured the bridal suite and lounge would be the perfect place to get ready and get some pictures of the bride and bridesmaids beforehand.

Wedding Photographer Providence | Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

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