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Providence Engagement Photography

An engagement session is a great way to get to know your photographer, learn about work flow, become comfortable posing in front of the camera with your partner, and try out poses to practice for your wedding photos. You also get a lot of great pictures for your Save the Date cards. You can also frame the prints and use them as part of your centerpieces and put them on your gift table at your wedding. When couples ask me about locations for engagement sessions, I always tell them to look for a spot with at least five different background that are within a one minute walk of each other. Parks with trees, water, gardens, and benches work really well for this. However, another way to choose the location is to match the the atmosphere of the setting with the mood of the wedding. Ashly and Matt planned a big wedding at the Renaissance in downtown Providence. Therefore, it made sense to take a lot of pictures in down city around Brown, RISD, the Promenade, the State House, the Court, and all of the other Providence monuments and strongholds. We had a lot of fun exploring, and the pictures are stunning!

Rhode Island Wedding Photographer | Providence Engagement Photography

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