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Congratulations to Heather and Jeff at the Bradley Estate!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Heather and Jeff had a stunning wedding at the Bradley Estate in Canton, Ma.

Even though you couldn't call their wedding "traditional," this couple has a lot of nice classic touches for their modern wedding style. Their original plans had been derailed by the pandemic, so last year, they had a mini ceremony in a big, Catholic church, and then a backyard wedding reception under a tent.

Photography is important to Heather and Jeff, so they asked for lot of candid pictures and moments with friends and family in the gardens, the mansion, and under the tent. They also put a lot of detail into the flowers, suits, wedding dress, hair, makeup, and jewelry.

It was a really fun event with a great band, and lots of energetic dancing. All of that always looks great on camera, and tents always photography beautifully. Even a little bit of rain didn't stop them from having a great time!

Venue: Bradley Estate

Band: Ear Candy Live

Caterer: Fireside Catering

Florist: Only Prettier Design

Hair and Makeup: Kristi Cooper

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