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Family Portrait under the Cherry Blossoms

Family portrait sessions are all little like weddings, and a little like engagement sessions, and a little like fashion photography, and a little like wildlife photography. It's really a wide skill set. Some families like to pose. Others want something more natural. Some families wear matching, coordinated outfits, others get dressed to the nines, and everyone just wants to look good. I try to get a combination of formal, posed photographs, and more candid moments that show the love and warm emotions between the family members. And with little kids, well, that's where the nature photography comes out. That's more about timing and photographing the right moment rather than setting up the best pose. Luckily, with enough energy, there are a lot of those right moments. This family was adorable and fun, and we got a lot of great pictures and funny faces on Blackstone Boulevard right here in Providence, RI, under the cherry blossoms and magnolias.

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