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Engagement Session on the Cliff Walk

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The Chanler on the Cliff Walk is a great spot in Newport, RI for a proposal or an engagement session. They have a lot of beautiful views including the stone steps, the grove of trees, the classic and historic architecture of the hotel itself, the open fields, the classic bicycles, the flagstones, the pillars, the garden, and of course the Cliff Walk overlooking the ocean by First Beach. I always recommend that couples check out Pinterest to find a few engagement poses that they like, and there are a few that I use frequently because they are adorable and flattering. Walking and holding hands, the prom pose, kissing, cuddling, all the favorites! This couple was particularly stylish. They exchanged a gorgeous diamond solitaire engagement ring and a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch. An engagement session is always a great way to get lots of great pictures for your save-the-dates, centerpieces, guest book, and gift table. Plus, you get to have a great time and get a bunch of great portraits with your fiancée!

Venue: The Chanler at Cliff Walk

Watch: Rolex Daytona

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