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What if it Rains?

A common question couples ask me is "What if it rains at our wedding?!?"  From a photography standpoint, your wedding has four sessions: bridal preparation, ceremony, formal portraits, and reception.  You are probably getting ready in a hotel room or salon, and your reception is probably going to be in a ballroom or a tent.  You should speak with your venue about indoor or covered locations for the ceremony, and cocktail hour.  Visually, this will not affect the quality or appearance of your wedding pictures.  When you speak to the venue, you can also ask them about an indoor alternative for your formal portraits.  Here in New England, 24-hours of rain is pretty rare.  If there are a few moments of dry and calm outside, I can whisk you out to get a few quick photos.  Often, the rain adds a beautiful drama and fun memories!  


Jamie Corbman